Local Governance - Academy Committee

The Academy Committee

Following a Trust-wide consultation in which proposals were put forward to change the way local governance operates within LAAT, a single model of governance was brought into effect from the 1st September 2022

Friskney All Saints C of E Primary Academy now operates its governance as an Academy Committee.

The Scheme of Delegation allows the Academy Committee to:

  • help the Board of Directors fulfil its core functions by:
    • Helping shape a vision for the school appropriate to it foundation
    • promoting the academies place in its community
    • helping the Board of Directors have the understanding it needs to improve outcomes for all pupils
    • helping the Board of Directors have the understanding it needs to hold the CEO to account.
  • help the CEO and school leader fulfil their roles by:
    • supporting and challenging the school's senior leader to improve certain aspects of the academy
    • providing external input to processes
    • helping the School's senior leader to understand the local community, including commerce and industry
    • building links with the wider local community including parents
  • looks at the school through the lens of the child:
    • seeking to answer on behalf of the board and executive: "what it is like to attend this School?"

In areas of finance and school standards, the Academy Committee will be aware of the position of the school through the QA reports (6 per year), information from the Headteacher, Signatures of Risk documents (termly) and the annual LAAT meeting.

Academy Committees will not be expected to monitor these as this is done by skilled School Effectiveness Advisers, in conjunction with peer visits.

Headteacher is Tina Wood.

Chair of Committee is Susan Alldread.

They can both be contacted at:

Friskney All Saints C of E Primary School
Church End
PE22 8RD

Chair of Committee can be contacted via the clerk at [email protected]

Academy Committee

Date of
Term of
of interests
Susan Alldread Foundation Diocese 01.07.21 4 Years



Charity Trusteeships:

Member of Methodist Church/Trustee
Tina Wood


Ex Officio

By virtue of post 01.09.21 N/A   None Declared
Melanie Page

Headteacher of Magdalen

Ex Officio

By virtue of post 01.09.22 N/A   None Declared
Sophie Hancox Parent Governor LAAT 01.09.22 4 Years

Vice Chair

Health and Safety

Current Employment

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

Jude Hunton Parent Governor LAAT 01.10.22 4 Years  

Current Employment

DRET/Skegness Grammar

Rev. Graham Miles Ex Officio Diocese 01.09.21 4 Years  

Current Employment

Minister of Methodist Church

Charity Trusteeships

Methodist Church Winthorpe

Community Partnership

Lucy Adams Staff Governor LAAT 28.06.23 4 Years    
Sarah Jones Staff Governor LAAT 28.06.23 4 Years    
Father Aiden Edwards Ex Officio Diocese 02.11.23 4 Years    
Sue Ktichen Foundation Governor Diocese 31.01.24 4 Years    


Previous local council members (Within last academic year):
Catherine McHale - Resigned 06.02.24

Clerk to Governors: 
Hannah Creasey [email protected]


LAAT Governance documents

Information about the structure and remit of the members, board of trustees, its committees and local governing bodies can be found here.

Information about the scheme of delegation, current memorandum of association and articles of association can be found here.

Information about our funding agreement and annual report and audited accounts can be found here.

Register of interests for the accounting officer can be found here.