Class 4 (Y5 & Y6)

Class 4 Curriculum letter

Last term class 4 enjoyed our visit to Micronclean.  It was fascinating to learn how the clean rooms support the work of astronauts in producing equipment without even the slightest speck of dust.   We really enjoyed learning about space and it was great to talk to an astronaut online in careers week.    


In English this term we will be writing free verse poems, persuasive speeches and persuasive letters.  We will be inspired by great leaders of the past and how words convinced people to act.  We will focus on a range of punctation for effect, sentence structures and modal verbs.   We will all be working on using a range of subordinating conjunctions.


In Maths we are continuing our work with converting between fractions, decimals and percentages.  We will then learn to solve problems involving ratio and proportion before moving on to geometry.

Religious Education

In RE we are studying Incarnation.  We are learning where this fits into the big picture of Christianity and what Incarnation means to Christians.  Part of the curriculum will ask children to consider the significance of Incarnation, how realistic this is and whether incarnation is needed to make sense of the ‘Big Story’. 


In science we will learn about animals and their habitats.  We will be studying the differences in the life cycles of mammals and amphibians.  We will also learn about the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals.


Our PE days change at this point in the year to be Tuesday and Wednesday, children require a water bottle and PE kit on these days.   Please check the uniform policy to clarify uniform expectations.  We will be learning goal ball and refining our cricket skills. 


Our history is the study of the struggle between the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings for the Kingdom of England up to the time of the William the conqueror.  We will look at similarities and differences over time and how actions had consequences and the lasting legacies on our country today.


In French we are continuing our understanding of the gender of nouns.  We will extend this learning by understanding how to modify an adjective to agree with the gender of the noun.  We will also learn a new adverbial phrase and use this in written sentences.


Our artist this term is David Hockney.  We will begin our studies by looking at the art he is famous for, his most highly commissioned piece and the reasons for him being chosen as the artist to design the Queen’s window at Westminster Abbey.  We will be working with paint, coloured pencils, collage and digital art and will have the opportunity to design their own window, influenced by Hockney’s style.


Kind Regards,


Miss Ross