Class 1 (Pre-school & Reception)

Welcome to Class 1

We enjoy spending time in our classroom and our outdoor area. Within our class, our learning takes place through play, exploration and investigation. We are lucky that we have such a wonderful outdoor space to be able to take our learning outdoors!

Our weekly timetable consists of fun activities and opportunities for lots of learning both adult and child initiated. We have a daily focus for fine motor skills such as using the play dough, mark-making in flour, sand, glitter etc.  We are also busy practising our letter formation: ensuring we begin writing our letters in the correct place, going to the correct starting point.  In our daily phonics session, we are using Read Write Inc. which allows great progression from the beginning. We enjoy learning new sounds and we have Fred Frog to help us with our blending.

This term, we will be learning about ourselves and our bodies with our theme of ‘All About Me’.  We will discuss and explore our families and understand that all families are different and all families are special.  As well as a focus on settling in and routines and rules for the first few weeks, we will be noticing what is happening outside with the seasons, now it is autumn.  There will be plenty of opportunities for the children to be outside encouraging not only physical skills but also investigative exploration.  We may go on an autumn hunt or two, as well as exploring texts about the changing seasons.  Towards the end of the term there will be a greater focus on our skeleton and our senses.  Our maths learning will focus on early number skills like subitising (instant recognition of an amount), counting and knowing the last number we count is the amount there and beginning to understand that composition of numbers can be different.  For example, 3 can be made up of 2 and 1, or 1 and 2, or 1 and 1 and 1.  In addition to this, we will have provision for the children to explore shape, space and measure.

Our PE day will be on Friday this term. Please can children continue to come into school in their PE kits.

Our learning can be found on Tapestry, which documents each child’s learning journey. This is a great way for grown-ups to see what the children have been learning about at school and a great way for parents and carers to communicate what children have been learning at home.  The children who were in Nursery last year are already established on Tapestry.  If you are having trouble logging on, please let me know at school and we can try and rectify this.  For our current new children, we will be sending out details of how to access Tapestry so that you can see some of the learning activities we do here at school, and also add your own child’s experiences at home.

Each week, children collect pompoms for positive rewards for their colour house. This is a house team reward system, and the pompoms are counted at the end of the week to see which colour has won. Class One get VERY excited to earn their pompoms. There is also a chance for children to be selected for our Friskney Star of the Week certificate and our Friskney Write of the Week certificate.

Many thanks,

Mrs Quibell and Miss Burgin