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Dear Parents/Carers of children in Yellow Class,

Most of you are now at home instead of school so Mrs Banham and I have put some ideas of things you can do at home to help you in your learning - they will hopefully help the time to go quickly. Don't forget to enjoy the sunny days that we hopefully will get - by having fun in the garden.

Mrs Shears and I are sharing a Facebook page which your parents can join on your behalf. Everyday there will be new activities for you to do and you will be able to keep in touch with your classmates.

Best wishes,

Mrs Lenton

Dear Parent/ Carer and Yellow Class member,

                                                                      I hope this finds you well and enjoying the time together. During these very unusual circumstances please don't just focus on academic learning, but use this opportunity as a chance to teach your child/children some life skills too, you could show them how to sew a button on, bake a cake (weighing and measuring is a key part of the maths curriculum) ,clean a room, fold and put clothes away or  even how to read a map!

In the booklet below (for Friday Week 1) I have put a selection of time support sheets together which you could do alongside your child and all you need is an analogue clock.

Your child, as a member of Yellow Class, enjoys watching what is going on in the big wide world of science and on a weekly basis we watch Reach Out Reporter. Please watch this with your child, you might even learn something new yourself as well as having some interesting discussions with your child.

I have also put a list of enjoyable activities and learning opportunities which you can do outside—a chance to reduce screen time and grab some fresh air.


Remember that Joe Wicks is doing a live 30 minute work out session at 9am everyday for pupils via Youtube - I did the session today and thoroughly enjoyed it as I'm missing my Zumba sessions. (Those still attending school are doing this every day!)


This website will be delivering free science , engineering and computing lessons at 10 am  everyday which will be quick and easy to follow 


Your children will be aware of Practical Action as we focused on some of the investigations during our science day a few weeks ago. Here is the link to their other resources for investigations which are supported with videos and are great for geography as well as understanding the needs, requirements and differences in other parts of the  planet. It often makes the children realise how lucky they are, even in these difficult times:


Oti Mabuse (The Greatest Dancer / Strictly Come Dancing) is delivering free dance lessons for children at 11.00 on Youtube/ Facebook- don't tell Mrs Lenton as you know what a great fan she is of Strictly come dancing. (Too late Mrs Banham - a little girl from Yellow Class has already sent me the link!)


If you are able to get outside to get some fresh air and do some fun learning activities at the same time here are some ideas:


If you want to do some cooking, run a shop (for family only) and be creative there are some great ideas on here: I even wrote some of these for the NFU so you can tell me if you enjoyed them when we are back at school.


Below are a list of websites which will allow your child/children to do a range of fun hands on easily resourced science investigations:


If you are wanting to involve your child more in their enjoyment of a book you could use some of these ideas 


Read a new  online book


Listen to  a new  online book:

(Or listen and watch Mrs Shears, Mrs Lenton and your classmates read stories on our Facebook page!)


David Walliams is reading an extract from his book 'The World's Worst children' at 11 o'clock  every day on this link


If you are wanting to listen to a bedtime story famous musicians/ pop stars are reading a story at 7.30pm on Radio 2 every weekday evening.


Extra maths ideas and accompanying videos can be accessed from here :  for Year 2 pupils   for Year 1 pupils 


I’m hoping to put a new science investigation on our class page each week so that you can continue to take part in a range of investigations which will allow you to ask lots of interesting questions.

Take care of each other and I look forward to teaching you again soon.

Kind regards ,

 Mrs Banham


PS Same from Mrs L x


Friday Week 1 Mrs Banham

Investigation Week 1 
Investigation Week 2


Welcome to Yellow Class.

Yellow Class are where you can find some of the Year 1 children and all of Year 2.


Our teachers are Mrs Lenton (on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) and Mrs Banham on Fridays.

We also have help from Mrs Gelder. She works with Yellow Class every day!



If you need help please see Mrs Lenton - she is always around to help - but be careful because she loves singing so she may sing to you! laugh

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