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Vision and Values

"Learn, enjoy, believe; together we achieve".


Our Values are:- Love, Hope, Truth, Respect, Courage, Compassion and Integrity

Our school is a Church school and at all times we promote a Christian, caring attitude which enables our children to have due regard for each other's needs and in which the individual can develop a strong self-esteem.


The whole staff supports and upholds the Christian foundation of the school and Christian values are built into our teaching and ethos but we do reflect on, and respect, other cultures and beliefs.


Ours is a disciplined workplace in which the children maintain a high standard of work, behaviour and self-discipline in a secure environment.  Through self-discipline comes the confidence to develop enquiring minds, to become independent learners and to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to become secure and confident members of society.


Each child is an individual and we succeed when all of our children are given a high quality education suitable for each individual's particular needs.


We work as a collective unit.  This unit includes the children, all staff, parents, Governors, the Diocese, the Local Authority and the community.  We always look to strengthen our team through training and value each other's contribution.  This gives all staff and children confidence in their respective roles and further enhances the quality of what we offer.


Through all of this we will develop children with strong and healthy bodies and resilient minds and spirits.


Finally we aim to foster effective partnerships between school, home, the Church and the community.  With this in place we will enhance the successes and well-being of the children.

Our Aims are:
• To have high expectations and to encourage our children to strive towards achieving their highest possible standard in everything that they do.
• To work together as a team – children, teachers, parents and governors – demonstrating a commitment to and consideration for all others.
• To provide a high quality of teaching that provides an inclusive, creative curriculum which is open to all children.
• To encourage pupils to be independent thinkers who can take responsibility for their work and actions, show initiative and develop self-discipline.
• To encourage and nurture the ability to work collaboratively.
• To provide a safe and stimulating learning environment which reflects the work undertaken by the children.
• To actively promote the working partnership with the parents and the community.
• To offer all staff, opportunities for continuous professional development. 

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