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Class 4

In the event of our bubble or whole school closure please join our Class Facebook group for home learning activities and resources. It is called Friskney All Saints Class 4 Bubble. You can also find resources at the bottom of this page to support your home learning. If you need anything at all please email me at 


Welcome to Class 4! 

We are a mixed class of years 5 and 6. As the eldest in the school we endeavour to be fantastic role models to the younger pupils and strive to reach our full potential.

Our class teacher is Miss Goodwin and she is ably supported by our classroom assistants who support her in helping us achieve our goals. 


Welcome back Class 4! A new year brings new excitement, new goals and new challenges but we work together as one big team to support one another and look out for each other. Of course, as well as some serious brain work, we plan to have some fun along the way too! 


In Class 4 we are INDEPENDENT, MOTIVATED and CREATIVE learners. 


Life in Class 4


REMINDERS for the start of a new year! Please ensure you have your water bottle with you everyday to keep hydrated. Given the current pandemic we must work as a team to keep each other safe so we ask that you bring as little personal belongings with you as possible at the moment. On Mondays and Tuesdays children need to come to school in their PE kits for PE. 


Our Learning 


In maths we have been learning about common multiples and factors to aid our learning on fractions- equivalent, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. 


In English we have been reading the Christmas Truce and have written fantastic newspaper reports. We are moving on to writing some descriptive, rhyming poems around this harrowing, inspiring, factual story. Stay tuned for those on the school twitter page and this page too.  


Our R.E focus question is- What does it mean if God is loving and holy? 



That is an overview of the learning in Class 4 but if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, then Miss Goodwin would be happy to help. Here's to a fantastic year at Friskney- our final year for some of us before the next phase in our lives at secondary school! We look forward to what is ahead this year and achieving our dreams and goals #teamfriskney :)








Science WC 4 January

Happy New Year Class 4, I hope that you all had a super Christmas.


Now that many of you are learning at home, I didn't want you to miss out on super science so I'll upload a range of science each week, it will include an investigation or practical of some sort a piece of written work and of course we must never forget your favourite - Reach Out Reporter. 


This week we are all going to do a whole school practical linked to design technology, we are going to make a bird feeder. Why ? Well towards the end of January I had planned that the classes would take part in the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) garden bird survey. Now that most of you are learning at home, we are going to do that survey in our gardens, we must try to keep the birds fed during this cold, wet, miserable winter weather. If you were really enthusiastic, you could do a survey now and then do one at the end of the month when the birds have got used to you feeding them and see if there is a difference in the numbers or types of birds which you see in your garden.


Here is the link to a simple bird feeder which you can easily make with resources from home or you can use your own design if you would like. 


If you want to encourage a certain type of bird you may need to do some research about what that bird eats and put that in the feeder.


I look forward to seeing your creations and all the birds you encourage.


Mrs Banham

Year 5 and Year 6 Reading comprehensions

Science WC 11th January

Thank you all so much for your fantastic work on creating your bird feeders and finding somewhere suitable to hang them. I have seen photographs of some of you watching for the birds with  binoculars which is a great idea. We will continue with the bird theme later in the month when we have hopefully encouraged more birds to our gardens.


This week we are going to look at how to create strong structures such as bridges. Firstly you need to watch this video of Iggy Peck the Architect many of you will recognise the author, David Roberts, from reading Dirtie Bertie when you were in my class in previous years.


When you have watched it think about these questions:

  • What was the best thing Iggy Peck built? Why did you like this one?
  • What did Iggy Peck create to save his teacher and the other children?
  • What did Iggy Peck use to build this?


You will need:

  • A toy car or other toy to cross your bridge
  • Materials to build your bridge:
    • building blocks or other construction toys you could use.
    •  scrap paper, empty cardboard boxes, toilet or kitchen roll tubes or food containers.
  • Clothes pegs,  Sellotape or masking tape hold and stick things together.
  • Scissors (if using paper or cardboard)
  • A gap to build your bridge across – between two chairs is a good place


Put two chairs, or something similar, back to back to create a gap of about 20 cm to build your bridge across. 


Decide what you want your bridge to look like.

  • How will you make it long enough to cross the gap?
  • Will it have sides to stop your car/toy from falling off?
  • Will it have pillars or arches to hold it up?
  • Will it be a suspension bridge like the one Iggy built?

You could draw a few ideas before you choose one and then start to build it.


Test your bridge.

Can you drive your toy car across it?

Can you balance your toy on it?


Things to discuss with your brothers/ sisters or carers:

  • Was your bridge strong enough to hold your  toy car or toy?
  • What do you think you could do to improve it?
  • Which were the best materials for building your bridge?
  • Why were they the best materials?
  • Did your bridge bend in the middle? How could you stop this happening?


How it works:

When you placed the car on your bridge, the weight of the car might have caused your bridge to start to bend. If you put too many cars on, your bridge would collapse.

Real bridges are designed and built to hold the weight of the vehicles and people that travel over them. Bridges spread the effect of the downward forces (weight) across the whole bridge, especially the bits that are on land. Some bridges do this by using arches, others use long chains or metal ropes to spread the weight out to the edges which are firmly secured on land.


Have you ever wondered how a real suspension bridge is built? Watch this video to find out how the Northern Spire Bridge in Sunderland was constructed. 


If you wanted to make a bridge using just paper try this.

You will need:

  • a sheet of A4 paper
  • a gap to build your bridge across (about 15 cm)
  • about 10 coins (of the same coin)


  1. Create your gap of about 15 cm to put your bridge across.  You don’t need to use a ruler, just make the gap wide enough so that your paper stays up when put across it.
  2. Lay your paper across the gap.
  3. Put your coins on the centre of the paper bridge, one at a time.  How many coins can the paper hold?
  4. Fold the paper in half length ways.
  5. Put it across the gap. Put your coins on the paper again, one at a time. How many coins can the paper hold this time?

  6. Make a concertina. Fold about 2cm of the long edge over.

    7.Fold the next 2cm over in the opposite direction.

    8.Continue folding in this zig-zag pattern.

    9.Put the concertina across your gap. Put your coins on the paper again, one at a time. How many coins can the paper hold this time?


Things to discuss

Which paper bridge held the most coins?

Why do you think this bridge design was stronger?


How it works?

The concertina is made up of a series of triangles. Triangles are one of the best shapes for spreading out weight. They take force from a single point and spread it across a wide base. Bridges made of triangle sections are called truss bridges.


Please add any photographs to your class Facebook page or send them to your teacher or myself , Mrs Banham, so that we can see how fantastic your architect skills are.

Science WC 18th January

As I will be now teaching in your class for 2 days a week I will be putting your science in MS Teams with all your assignments. This week we will be doing science on both Wednesday and Friday. I am really looking forward to teaching you if you are in school and if you are working from home I cannot wait to see your work on the uploaded section of Teams. 

Our topic for this half term is ‘Earth Matters’ 🌏 we have made model rainforests to learn about the layers as well as how humans are causing deforestation and the impact of this on climate change

In science we have been learning about classification and have made classification keys to organise animal into different groups. There are some pictures of these below

Can you create your own classification key at home for either plants or animals? Think about whether they’re vertebrates or invertebrates, whether they fly or not, whether they swim or not, if they have fur etc. If you’re looking at plans think about if they have flowers or what shaped leaves they have. Be sure to share your keys with me 😃

Please see below resources and websites to support your child's home learning :)


Thursday 26th November 

Writing! ✍️ 


A little writing task for the video clip entitled ‘The Big Night’ ⭐️🌟✨💫⭐️🌟✨💫 and then choose from the following writing tasks: 
❄️ create a diary entry from the point of view of the mother watching the star,
❄️ write a persuasive advert encouraging people to come and watch the show,
❄️ a speech from the teacher motivating the pupils to do their best in the performance,
❄️ write an internal monologue from the point of view of one of the characters (e.g the star)

I’d love to see some creative writing from you Class 4!


Friday 27th November 

writing ✍️ 


Hello Class 4! As you have gathered by now I am well an truly in the Christmas spirit! So for your next task please can you choose a toy you would like from Santa for Christmas and write an advert about it. 
Your advert should include:

❄️ prices
❄️ any offers e.g 20% off (it is Black Friday after all) 
❄️ the amazing features of that toy- why would children want it? 
❄️ an image of the toy
❄️catchy slogans and descriptive language 

I can’t wait to be persuaded by you all by these adverts!

Maths 27th November

Maths 26th November

Thursday 26th November RE- as you know, we have been learning about Humanism in our RE over the last few weeks. Your task for this afternoon is to research Humanist naming ceremonies and compare these to Christenings. What are the similarities? What are the differences? You can present your research however you like! 😃 I can’t wait to see what you find out!

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Websites for Home Learning 

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