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Teaching Assistants

Mrs Edwards

“I like Mrs Edwards because she’s really nice. She’s happy and smiley.” Lacey (4)


Mrs Gelder

“Mrs Gelder likes gingerbread men. She’s kind and helpful and I like working with her on Maths.” Olivia (6)


Mrs Gostelow

“You’re the best teaching assistant! You always have a smile on your face. When I am stuck you are there to help me. You always help me understand a book and quiz me about what we have been reading. I always want to read to you. When I am a Year 7 I will miss you!” Lily (11)


Mrs Redford

“Mrs Redford always makes me happy by having a smile on her face. She helps me with my spellings and is very kind! Mrs Redford reads us nice stories and never shouts!” Briony (8)


Mrs Scott

“Mrs Scott helps me with my spelling and handwriting. They’re not brilliant yet but getting better. She helps sort out my hearing aids and explains what to do. She helps me and everyone on our table.” Connor (9)


Mrs R. Simpson

“Mrs Simpson is kind, caring and helpful. She will make you laugh all the time and she’s always happy whatever the weather! Mrs Simpson will help you with your work and doesn’t moan. She’s a great singer and the best teaching assistant ever!” Bella (10)


Mrs T. Simpson

“Mrs Simpson helps me do my work. She gives great hugs every day and she loves us all. Mrs Simpson is pretty and really fun!” Lauren (5)


Miss Torgoose

“Miss Torgoose is very helpful whenever you need help; she is always there. Miss Torgoose is helpful, joyful and respectful to everyone. She helps me with my spellings and maths therefore I am much better at them now! Thank you!” Scarlett (11)


Miss Williams

“Miss Williams is nice. She is very kind and helps me with my writing. She is quite funny too!” Alex (6)


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