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Sports Premium

Latest news : Our school has just been awarded the Gold Sports Mark for the third year running - well done #Team Friskney!

PE and Sports Premium


The PE and sports premium is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils, please click on the links below to see how we have spent our Sports Premium within school to improve and enhance the delivery of sports and PE and to see our P.E. Curriculum Map.


Ensuring Sustainability for the future:

This year our sports premium has enabled us to secure the provision of two sports coaches who work with all our children. The sports coaches work alongside our primary teachers to build their knowledge and confidence in teaching and learning through PE & sports. 

This year we have also used part of our sports premium to further develop our involvement in sporting competitions. We have taken part in an enhanced programme of activities which also includes sporting events and competitions for our SEND children and for those children who are gifted and talented. We hope that this increased participation in sport will encourage a life-long interest in sport and in the adopting of a healthier lifestyle by our pupils.

We have also used part of our sports premium to purchase sports equipment to enable our children to participate in both traditional and non-traditional sports in order that they have access to a wider range of activities.

As a school we are ensuring that PE sustainability for the future is built upon developing confident PE teachers within school, who will in turn produce high performing, highly motivated pupils with the relevant skills within PE.



Friskney P.E. Curriculum Map 2019 to 2020

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