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Small Saints


Mrs Edwards and Mrs Bide work in Small Saints.

They look after our children who are not quite old enough to join Red Class.


The children in Small Saints do lots of exciting things and learn lots of new things.

Home Learning during school closure.

Dear Parents 

We hope you are all safe and well.  We have put together some ideas for you to support your child whilst at home.  These are based on the curriculum that we follow in Small Saints. 

  • Read a simple story, then use props to act it out. 
  • Learn some new nursery rhymes. 
  • Go on a listening walk.  What sounds can you hear? 
  • Collect leaves, sticks etc. to make a collage. 
  • Draw or paint something that can be seen in the garden. 
  • Look out of the window and describe what you can see. 
  • Make music with pots and pans.  How many different sounds can you make?  Can you keep a steady beat?  Can you play very loud or very quiet? 
  • Make musical instruments. For example - fill a plastic bottle with a few grains of rice to make a shaker. 
  • Make a daily weather chart.  Draw, colour and cut out a sun, cloud, raindrops etc. Stick on the fridge door or on a piece of paper to show the weather each day. 
  • Set up a shop using empty food packets or small toys.  Also try using small quantities of objects such as beads or pasta shapes and encourage your child to count out a given number for you to buy.  Use real pennies if possible. 
  • Fill a washing up bowl with water and look for objects that might float.    
  • Bake some cakes or cookies.  Use this opportunity to build vocabulary for e.g. mixing, kneading and rolling.  Encourage your child to count how many eggs or paper cases are needed. 

We have been learning to listen carefully to sounds in simple words such as dog, cat or pen. Collect together 4 to 6 items such as a van, doll, hat, pen and a bag. Sound out one of the words for e.g. p-e-n.  Ask your child to choose the object that they think you are sounding out. 

The following are links to online activities that you might like to try. 

  • Google search – Help your child be epic at maths – this page gives lots of ideas for counting, number recognition and sorting.  There is also a link from this page to Numberblocks where you will find some useful activities. 
  • Google search – - this website is free for as long as schools are closed.  Just press the ‘Start Listening’ and ‘Littlest Listeners’ buttons, choose your story and enjoy! 

We hope you will find these resources useful. 

Best wishes,

Mrs Bide & Mrs Edwards 


Small Saints learning at home...

Small Saints learning at home... 1
Small Saints learning at home... 2
Small Saints learning at home... 3

We have been reading 'The Gruffalo'.

We have been reading 'The Gruffalo'. 1
We have been reading 'The Gruffalo'. 2
We have been reading 'The Gruffalo'. 3
We have been reading 'The Gruffalo'. 4
We have been reading 'The Gruffalo'. 5

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