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Class 1

Welcome to Class One!


We are the Early Years Foundation Stage Reception and Year 1 class. Learning is fun in Class One and every day we practise what we are learning inside and in our outdoor classroom, whatever the weather!


Mrs Shears is the Class Teacher in Class One. Mrs Scott and Mrs Edwards are the class Teaching Assistants and Mrs Wood in the afternoons.


During these unusual times our priority is the safety and happiness of the children in the class. It is important the children feel safe and confident and that a love of school and learning is fostered. Children are frequently reminded to wash their hands and are supervised to ensure it is done thoroughly. The class remains in our bubble throughout the day, including for playtimes. The dinner hall is accessed through our own outdoor area. In order to support children's wellbeing the classroom offers full continuous provision with a full range of activities covering all areas of learning. The breadth of provision means that no one activity is used excessively by many children throughout the day. There are daily thorough cleaning procedures. Children bring only coats and water bottles into school and no books, bags or toys travel between home and school. Currently, no parents are accompanying children into school. Outdoor learning is part of each day's continuous provision and children are encouraged to spend as much time outside as possible.


Each morning starts with practising writing new sounds and words for EYFS children and science writing about the weather and season, spelling practice or maths activties for Year 1 children. Our English and Communication and Language learning is now through the Power of Reading and we enjoy some beautiful books together then respond to them in different ways. This term we have joined the whole school in reading the book 'Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth' by Oliver Jeffers. As we have explored the text we have watched films about the world; explored our bodies; fed the birds and watched them outside; built dens using sticks from the garden and lots more. Every day we have some time speaking, listening, reading and writing through activities like learning to tell a story together or looking at pictures and talking about them with our friends. We also have time doing maths activities like singing number songs, ordering numbers, exploring shapes and weighing and measuring. This term children are learning to count accurately and recognise numerals. Every day we have phonics time in small groups and we love learning sounds, reading them in words and writing. Children have the opportunity to practise the sounds and words we have learnt at home - don't forget to go through all of the sounds each day! This term EYFS children are learning Letters and Sounds Phase 2 and Year 1 children are learning Phase 5. Children will have a folder to take home but because of our Covid-safe practices, please keep the folder at home and add each day's new sound. Please look at all of them each day, as well as any words we send home to learn to read. Spelling practice for Year 1 children is now done with partners as early morning work so children do not usually have spellings to practise at home. We have Spelling Shed for spelling practice at home so please log on to compete against the rest of the school! 
Lots of our time is spent practising what we have learnt through activities like den building, making mud pies in the mud kitchen, reading in the cosy corner, role play, collage, painting, small world play, using Clever Board, construction or investigating in our Explorers' Corner. We love activities like cooking with the adults and planting seeds to grow vegetables. We use every opportunity we can to read, write, discuss, investigate interesting science problems and find out about our world. The adults support children to learn to share, negotiate, plan and develop their ideas and they know that children learn best when they lead their own learning. Please see the attached 'Class Approach' for a full explanantion of the philosophy of the teaching.


We start each morning with our cross country daily mile in the field to raise our heart rate and get a good oxygen supply to our brains ready for learning! We also do '5 a-day' and mindfulness meditation every day to keep our bodies and minds healthy.

Our Early Years activities are linked to the topic and cover all seven EYFS areas of learning. These are:

Communication and Language
Physical Development
Personal, Social and Emotional Development.
Understanding the World
Expressive Arts and Design



This term's topic is Who Am I? We are exploring ourselves and our world through the text 'Here We Are'. Our RE learning is about friendship and harvest. In Year 1 history we are finding out about important people in the past who improved our health care. We are establishing routines and rules for our class and understanding about democracy is important. Children are encouraged to voice their opinions so the next text we explore will be decided by the children. We have a choice of 'Our Very Own Dog' by Amanda McCardie or 'Lulu Gets a Cat' by Alanna Max. Which will we choose? During this sequence we will talk about our own pets, animals and how to care for them.

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