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Red Class

Home learning for the week beginning 29th June 2020

Home learning for the week beginning 22nd June 2020

Home Learning for the week beginning 20th April 2020

Home learning for the week beginning 27th April 2020

Home learning for week beginning 15th June 2020

Home learning for week beginning 1st June 2020

Home learning for the week beginning 4th May 2020

Home learning for week beginning 11th May 2020

Home learning for the week beginning 18th May 2020

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Welcome to Red Class!


We are the Early Years Foundation Stage Reception and Year 1 class. Learning is fun in Red Class and every day we practise what we are learning inside and in our outdoor classroom, whatever the weather!


Mrs Shears is the Class Teacher in Red Class. Mrs Scott and Mrs Simpson are the class Teaching Assistants. We are also very lucky to have parent helpers who hear children read and change children's reading books every day.


For the next few weeks while we have been asked to stay at home I will be posting activities and website links on this page so please look regularly. If you email photographs of the activities and you doing them to me I will post them here on this page. Please try to do as many of the challenges on the Red Class home learning project as you can each day. Please try to have at least one hour outside getting exercise, stick to bedtime routines and limit your amount of screen time. If you can try to stick to the class timetable as much as possible it will make returning to school so much easier.


Each morning starts with practising writing sentences for EYFS children and science writing about the weather and season, spelling practice or maths activties for Year 1 children. Check the daily picture to guess where Floppy is hiding then write your guess! We have some time speaking, listening, reading and writing through activities like learning to tell a story together or looking at pictures and talking about them with our friends. We also have time doing maths activities like singing number songs, ordering numbers, exploring shapes and weighing and measuring. This term EYFS children are learning to compare weights and measurements, find one more and one less than a number and recognise numbers to 20. Year 1 children are learning to weigh and measure and understand the place value of numbers to 50. Every day we have phonics time in small groups and we love learning sounds, reading them in words and writing. Children have the opportunity to practise the sounds and words we have learnt at home - don't forget to go through all of the sounds each day! This term EYFS children continue Letters and Sounds Phase 4 and Year 1 children continue Phase 5. Spelling practice for Year 1 children is now done with partners as early morning work so children do not usually have spellings to practise at home.
Lots of our time is spent practising what we have learnt through activities like den building, making mud pies in the mud kitchen, reading in the cosy corner, role play, collage, painting, small world play, using Clever Board, construction or investigating in our Explorers' Corner. We love activities like cooking with the adults and planting seeds to grow vegetables. We use every opportunity we can to read, write, discuss, investigate interesting science problems and find out about our world. The adults support children to learn to share, negotiate, plan and develop their ideas and they know that children learn best when they lead their own learning. Please see the attached 'Red Class Approach' for a full explanantion of the philosophy of the teaching.


We also do '5 a-day' and mindfulness meditation every day to keep our bodies and minds healthy. Children in Year 1 enjoy their Mile a Day and are learning about the importance of activity that raises our heart rate.

Our Early Years activities are linked to the topic and cover all seven EYFS areas of learning. These are:

Communication and Language
Physical Development
Personal, Social and Emotional Development.
Understanding the World
Expressive Arts and Design


The topics we follow are guided by what the children are interested in and enjoy. This term we are learning about new life. We started the term reading recipes for pancakes and making and tasting our own. We had great fun in our pancake flipping competition! We will be reading fictitious stories about farm animals and growing, including Jack and The Beanstalk; and non-fiction texts about spring, animals that are born in the spring, growing and cooking including recipes and instructions. We will look at seasonal changes, grow vegetables and hopefully visit a farm. The term will include learning about Lent and Easter in RE. We will also think about Fairtrade during Fairtrade Fortnight and link this to making our own Easter eggs.


We end every day with a story or songs and a prayer. We end each week with story sack time. Each child chooses a story sack to take home and enjoy with their families for the weekend.


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