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Virtual P.E.

Dear Parents/Carers,

In my role as P.E. Co-ordinator I am passing on information from our local School Games Officer regarding keeping active during the school closure and details regarding 'virtual competitions' which your children can enter. I hope your child enjoys taking part in those competitions which are for your child's year group. Please find details below of the activities 'live' at the moment.

Mrs Lenton


Science ideas 

Your child  as a member of Friskney All Saints Primary School enjoys watching what is going on in the big wide world of science and on a weekly basis we watch Reach Out Reporter ,please watch this with your child ,you might even learn something new yourself as well as having some interesting discussions with your child.


This website will be delivering free science , engineering and computing lessons at 10 am  on Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday which will be quick and easy to follow :  


Many of your children love the theme of Space and if they are really interested and wanting to learn more ESA  have put together all their primary resources including a monthly colouring competition and animations around space travel and exploration.


There are a range of ideas and investigations which link to sustainability if you wanted some focus sessions around what electricity you are using at home on a daily basis:


Your children will be aware of Practical Action as we focused on some of the investigations during our science day a few weeks ago. Here is the link to their other resources for investigations which are supported with videos and are great for geography as well as understanding the needs, requirements and differences in other parts of the  planet. It often makes the children realise how lucky they are , even in these difficult times:

 Each week I will upload an investigation which you could do with your child/children using easily resourced household items.




Week 2 Investigation

Summer Term

Week 1 Investigation


This week there is a Powerpoint set of slides to go alongside your investigation. You can substitute plastic straws for paper ones and you could also try different types of paper or length of paper for your loops to see if it changes how they fly.

Who in your family can make the fastest one or the one which goes the highest or greatest distance?

Wednesday 22 April marks the international celebration of Earth Day and what better time than to commemorate our planet and show worldwide appreciation of all that it has to offer. This link has a variety of videos which you can watch either on DVD if you have them, via Amazon Prime , NOW TV or Disney channel along with ideas for discussions and writing ideas.

Or alternatively you can watch, for free, a range of short film clips about our planet by Sir David Attenborough  on this link:


From this week onwards I will also be uploading on your own class page (Yellow- Violet) a science magazine based reading comprehension which, for some of you, will also link into the weekly science investigation.

Science investigation

Week 2 WC 27th April

Worm identification chart

Science Investigation

Week 3 WC 4th May

Last week you all had an investigation linked to mystery animals and this week The Linnean Society are running a competition called 'Special species competition' based on what you did last week. If you want to enter here is the link  . They are also running a free video session this Thursday at 10 am if you want to learn more about different animal species- the link is the same as above and you can book your place at the bottom of their page.

Many of you did some fantastic work based on your own designed mystery animal so I'm sure you could have a go at entering. Please let me know if you do enter and I'll keep an eye out for it on their webpage and Twitter account. 


I thought this week we would continue on with the animal based theme and look at classification of animals- Carl Linneaus invented the classification system which we use for animals, including humans.

On Wednesday this week the BBC Bitesize lesson will also be based around classification so it would be great if you could watch that. I have also found this link which has a range of videos on it and explanations which link with the BBC lesson, some of your children will recognise this website as teachers often use Explorify in the classroom.

Enjoy the science activities and I've got a new investigation and competition ready for next week.

Science Investigation

WC 11th May

I promised you last week another competition which this week links to your English too, not a reading comprehension but a story. The topic area for this week is around healthy eating and teeth. 

This week I would like you to think about the different food groups and see if you can sort what you eat into those food groups. I have attached a game you could play all about food groups too. If you are enjoying all this work on food there are lots of other ideas and activities here 


Remember the 5 main food groups are:

Carbohydrates such as bread , rice , pasta and potatoes

Proteins such as meat , eggs and protein substitutes e.g quorn

Fruit and vegetables such as apples, cauliflower, grapes etc

Dairy such as milk, cream, yoghurts and cheese

Fats such as margarine, cooking oil etc.


We all know that we should brush our teeth for two minutes twice a day and Captain Aquafresh has discovered that not all children have been brushing their teeth for two minutes, twice a day, every day. This means that teeth all around Friskney and the UK are at risk of attack from sugar and plaque! 

Captain Aquafresh needs your help . Please write a two minute Brush Time Tale to help  children throughout UK brush for two minutes. Your story can be about anything you like, the only rules are that it takes just two minutes to read and it entertains the listener to help keep them brushing their teeth for the full two minutes.

WC 18th May 

Science Investigation

I thought that as the weather forecast for this week is saying the warmest days this year we would try and grow our own salt crystals. You will only need some salt, water , a selection of containers and patience. I've set the competition this week so please take photographs of your crystals as they develop and I'll award prizes (to be delivered when I next see you ) for the most impressive salt crystal- that could be the largest, the most even sized or even the most transparent one. You can either send your photographs to me at or upload them onto the class facebook pages.

WC 1st June 


I hope that you all had a great half term break, we were busy silaging on the farm so we were pleased that the weather was nice but we now need lots of rain to make the grass and crops grow. Whilst we are talking about farming it is  Farming Fortnight (1-12 June 2020),  and with many of your parents or families working with local farmers such as Lentons, Grants , Staples or Clements I thought that you may be interested in some of the fun activities which they have running on their  website  .  The focus is on farming and food production  so that you can  learn more about where your food comes from.

These are the links and activities for this week:


Week 1:


Science investigation

This investigation links well with our farming focus this week if you think about seed dispersal.

Can you create the ideal seed to be moved the furthest by wind dispersal?

Can you create the largest seed to be moved by wind dispersal?

Can you design and make the ideal shaped seed to be moved the fastest by wind dispersal?

I'm looking forward to seeing your designs. Remember to test the template (spinning blimp) out first so that it can give you a few ideas.

WC 8th June 


This week is the second week of  Farming Fortnight (1-12 June 2020),  and with many of your parents or families working as farmers or with local farmers such as Lentons, Grants , Staples or Clements I thought that you may be interested in some of the fun activities which they have running on their  website  The focus is on farming and food production  so that you can  learn more about where your food comes from.

These are the links and activities for this week:


Week 2:

This investigation links well with our farming focus this week if you think about how we use milk in everyday situations.If you are vegan I'm unsure if vegan cream and milk will still make such successful butter and ice cream - maybe you could let me know.

Can you create different types of butter e.g. garlic butter?

Can you create a range of different ice cream flavours?

What was the lowest temperature that the ice and salt achieved?

I'm looking forward to seeing your butter and ice cream. Remember to wash your hands very carefully before you start and always work with your carer/ parent to make these.

Science Investigation WC 15th June

In normal circumstances I had planned for us all to take part in the Great Science Share this week. The Great Science Share is all about you and your own questions based around science which you ask then have a go at answering, using whichever method and whatever resources you need. So here is your challenge , you can even get a special enamel badge for taking part, many of you have experimented with the investigations and questions which I have put up each week I would like you to choose your favourite and then ask your own question linked to it. I have attached a couple of forms which you can fill in either by printing them out or filling them in on the computer and then send them off to claim your free badge. I'm looking forward to seeing all your Whizz Pop Bang badges when we are all back at school. If you are struggling to think of a question you could always use the key question starters of - what , who, why, how and when to help you. The grid below might also give you a few ideas.








What is the quickest time I can make cream into butter?
















Who in my family has the largest handspan?














Science Investigations WC 22nd June

This week is STEM Clubs Week.

Each day I will upload a learning activity on this whole school class page which will look at a range of a different science areas. These activities will all be practical hands on opportunities which will only require a few resources from around your home.

You can also watch interviews by scientists who do a range of jobs such as a Food Scientist, Spacecraft thermal engineer, oceanographic scientist and aeronautical engineer by clicking on this link:  

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Tuesday STEM Buggy

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