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Teaching Assistants

Small Saints - Mrs Willerton and Mrs Edwards

Red Class - Mrs Scott

Orange Class - Mrs Simpson

Yellow Class - Mrs Gelder and 1:1 Miss Williams

Green Class - Intervention room

Blue Class - Mrs Simpson, 1:1 - Mrs Wood, Mrs Redford and Mrs Scott

Indigo Class - Miss Torgoose, 1:1 - Mrs Simpson and Mrs Redford 

Violet Class - Mrs Gostelow

Mrs. A. Gostelow

Mrs. A. Gostelow 1

Mrs Gostelow

She is encouraging and supportive.

She helps us with everything we do and is always there to talk to if we need someone.

Mrs Gostelow loves to laugh and her giggle can be heard around our classroom. She has very funky nails and wears colourful necklaces too. She is kind, caring and cool.

Miss C. Torgoose

Miss C. Torgoose 1

She always knows when we're going right or wrong!


She is very compassionate and is always willing to give us any help we need. She has got a good eye when we are drawing, she loves to wear colourful cardigans and spectacular lanyards. She only wants the best for us and expects us to work hard. Ms Torgoose has a wicked sense of humour and is a scream!

Mrs R. Simpson

Mrs R. Simpson 1

Mrs Simpson is funny, clever and very fashionable!  She must have a big wardrobe because she wears different clothes every day!


Mrs Simpson is artistic and draws lots of lovely pictures and is excellent at displays. She looks after us very well and if we need someone to talk to, she is always there! Mrs Simpson is always smiling and does some 1:1 support.

Mrs E. Scott

Mrs E. Scott 1
Mrs Scott...

Mrs S. Willerton

Mrs S. Willerton 1

This is Mrs Willerton she works with us in Red Class and has been working at our school since 2000.


She is lovely, she is always there to help you or look after you! She loves her job, especially watching the children have fun.


She is very creative and artistic and is a fabulous drawer – she loves to help the children create arts and crafts.

Mrs M. Gelder

Mrs M. Gelder 1

Mrs Gelder is lovely! She is pretty, has dark glossy hair and always wears nice clothes. She is excellent at working with us, very helpful and doesn't like to see us struggling with our work.


She is very efficient and changes our reading books all the time. Mrs Gelder is clever, cool, fun and always smiling. She likes to have a nice cup of tea at breaktime.


Outside of school she enjoys learning the piano, being part of a choir and looking after her daughters.

Mrs T. Wood

Mrs T. Wood 1

Mrs Wood moved to Lincolnshire for “the good life”, but that was not enough for her, so she has now joined Red Class and is loving the busy pace once more. Mrs Wood does some 1:1 support

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