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SAT Scores


Key Stage 1 SATs Attainment 2016 - Percentage of Pupils

  Achieving Age Related Expectations +
Reading 77.3%
Writing 63.6%
Maths 63.6%
Reading, Writing and Maths 50%

 Key Stage 2 SATs Attainment 2016 - Percentage of Pupils



Achieving Expected


Achieving a

High Score



Reading 69.0% 10.0%  
Writing 59.0% 31.0%  
Maths 69.0% 10.0%  
GAPS 52.0% 17.0%  
Reading, Writing and Maths 48.0% 7.0% 53.0%


Key Stage 2 Progress 2016

The Progress Measure applies to those children who left Year 6 in July 2016 measured against their SAT scores at the end of Year 2 in 2012.  Progress is measured against children nationally with similar attainment at the end of Key Stage 1.  A score of 0 means that children have done as well as those with similar prior attainment.  A negative score (between -0.1 and -5) means that less progress was made.  A positive score (between +0.1 and +5) means that more than expected progress has been made.

Reading Progress      +3.6

Writing Progress        +3.7

Maths Progress          +3.0