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Playground Developments

We’re delighted to announce, that we’ve further improved our outdoor learning environment with the addition of some exciting new resources and play equipment.

Make way for mud pies! Our new Mud Kitchen will transform the children into little chefs while they experience nature-rich messy play. The perfect resource for role play and investigative fun.

For further messy play opportunities, we added a Large Sand Box which will develop children’s sense of touch and small muscle control as they explore the wonderful characteristics of sand.

We also added a Water Table which is a fabulous way to bring science to young children by introducing the theories behind why things may or may not float. It’s also a fantastic resource for mathematical concepts.

For physical and gross motor skill development, we installed a Trim Trail which includes five exciting challenges. The obstacles will help improve children’s balance, strength, coordination, fine motor skills and core stability.

An Easel Table was also added to create a zone for children to sit, share ideas and get creative with mark making.

We also installed a Giant Playhouse to encourage role play activities. This open-ended resource can be transformed into anything from a Bakery to a Travel Agents.

Moreover, we added an outdoor stage to encourage children to get creative with performance. Whilst performing, children will naturally develop their confidence, communication and spoken language.

We worked with Pentagon Play on this project and highly recommend them to any school looking to develop their outdoor area.

You can visit their website here –


Click on the link below to get some great ideas for Mud Kitchen activities

Welcome to Red Class

Welcome to Red Class!


We are the Early Years Foundation Stage Reception class. Learning is fun in Red Class and every day we practise what we are learning inside and in our outdoor classroom, whatever the weather!


Mrs Shears is the Class Teacher in Red Class and Mrs Goodrick is a trainee teacher. Mrs Scott also helps in our classroom. Mrs Willerton and Mrs Edwards work with the pre-school Small Saints children. We are also very lucky to have parent helpers who hear children read and change children's reading books every day.
We start every day in Red Class practising writing our names, reading words and books, writing about the daily picture and threading, playing with dough or cutting.

Every day we have Collective Worship where we meet with other children in the school to sing and say a prayer.


Every morning we have some time speaking, listening, reading and writing through activities like learning to tell a story together or looking at pictures and talking about them with our friends. We also have time doing maths activities like singing number songs, ordering numbers, exploring shapes and weighing and measuring. Every day we have phonics time and we love learning sounds, reading them in words and writing.
Lots of our time is spent practising what we have learnt through activities like den building, making mud pies in the mud kitchen, reading in the cosy corner, role play, collage, painting, small world play, using the computer and Clever Board, construction or investigating in our Explorers' Corner. We love doing activities like cooking with the adults and planting seeds to grow vegetables.


PE this term is on Friday morning so please remember to have your PE kit ready with your name on!

Our activities are linked to the topic and cover all seven areas of learning. These are:

Communication and Language
Physical Development
Personal, Social and Emotional Development.
Understanding the World
Expressive Arts and Design


The topics we follow are guided by what the children are interested in and enjoy. This term we are learning about Forest Friends. We were very excited that a fairy took shelter in our classroom in the wet and windy weather so every day we write to her and her mischievous pixie brother!


Back in January while we were learning about the Arctic we became very worried about the plastic pollution in our seas. We were concerned that the drinking straws from our milk cartons were contributing to this so we wrote to Theresa May. We were so excited when we had a response from 10 Downing Street telling us that Theresa May, too, was very concerned. Recently we have heard on the news that Theresa May has decided to ban plastic straws so we are so proud of our super-powered letter writing!


In the afternoons we enjoy activities like art and crafts, learning about people's beliefs, music, reading or science experiments. We end every day with a story or songs and a prayer.


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