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Pupil Premium


All schools are given a sum of money for Looked After Children, pupils on Free School Meals and those whose parents served in the Armed Forces. On the whole, these children perform significantly lower, as a group, than their peers. This funding is to tackle disadvantage and should reach those pupils who need it most.


Our Pupil Premium for 2015/16 was £48,000

• To employ supply cover for senior staff to work scrutinise and observe lessons with regard to those children entitled to Pupil Premium.  To evaluate whether the gap is being closed.   £2,600

• To continue targeting intervention through the use of trained TA's and to continue to Close the Gap:

             EYFS/KS1     10 hours per week            £13,377

             Yr 3/4              6 hours per week             £5,714

             Yr 4/5              6 hours per week             £1,852

             Yr 6                 7 hours per week             £2,000

• To fund an additional TA in EYFS to help ensure all children have the opportunity to achieve the ELG    £8,399

• To employ a Subject Specific Teacher to develop ATI across the school £7,150

• To support Breakfast Club and ensure that all children have access if required to a breakfast.  £1.50 per day or free to Pupil Premium children.     £800

• To support swimming in order to encourage a healthy lifestyle.    £450

• To employ an IT specialist to work within the classrooms.    £5,658

Review of 2015/6

Considerable funding was allocated to providing more time for our trained Teaching Assistants to work with the appropriate children throughout the school.  In EYFS (Red Class) the outcomes of the group were good with significant progress having been made as measured three times throughout the year and verified by moderation at the year end. In KS1 (Orange and Yellow classes) our KS1 SATs were close to the National Average and we also continued to "Close the Gap". Ongoing Teacher Assessments and work scrutiny verified the progress being made. The four classes in KS2 all shared expected and above expected  outcomes and progress with clear evidence at the end of KS2 of the success in "Closing the Gap".Again we used ongoing assessment and work scrutiny to measure progress made.


The TA's were involved in the "Provision Mapping" process and delivered good "Targeted Intervention Strategies". Intervention strategies used and pupils worked with were monitored on a short termly basis. Senior staff (along with OFSTED  in October 2014 and the Church Schools Inspection in March 2015) evaluated and agreed that the Pupil Premium money had been well allocated.


Science and in particular Scientific Enquiry work  continued to build on the previous year successes with the language and scientific thought process of the disadvantaged children becoming more developed.Our science lead is a National Leader in Science Education and provided staff support and work scrutiny.


Targeted work in EYFS (4/5 year olds) and Small Saints (3/4 year olds) gave all children a uniformity of access to the foundation of speaking, listening, reading, writing and number in particular.


Breakfast Club flourished in numbers, and all of our children left in July 2015 able to swim 25 metres and, in all but a few cases, considerably further.

Our pupil premium for 2016/7 is £58,080




Teacher                      Subject specific language development                  7,150

Extended schools       (net expenditure)                                                     1,500

Swimming costs          (25 children)                                                            1,500

TA Hours                     Early years                                                            21,106

                                    KS1                                                                         8,714

                                    KS2                                                                         5,852

ICT in the classroom                                                                                   5,658

KS2 Homework Club and Booster Classes                                                4,000

To employ supply cover for senior staff to work scrutinise and

observe lessons with regard to those children entitled to Pupil                  2,600

Premium. To evaluate whether the gap is being closed          


All Teaching Assistants are undergoing a year of professional development as we endeavour to ensure a minimum level of good quality provision whereby teaching and non-teaching staff are able to contribute fully to discussions regarding the effectiveness of provision offered and the next steps forward. Non teaching staff appraisals will take place three times during the year in order to monitor progress being made and what further professional support would be helpful.

We are seeking to extend the more able Pupil Premium children and at the same time continue to offer the best opportunities to all of the group. Our impact will be monitored through ongoing assessment and programmes adapted when individuls are seen not to be achieving their short term targets.