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Friskney All Saints Church of England Primary School

Enjoyment is the Key to Success


Welcome to Indigo Class of 2015/2016!

We are going to be the best Year 5 class Friskney has ever had.

Our class teacher is Miss Carter and we have two other adults who help us to be the best we can be, these are: Miss Torgoose and Mrs Gostelow. 


Indigo Class is a fun, friendly, fantastic place to learn. During our learning time we sometimes find new things tricky but we are learning to PERSEVERE and develop new ways to get around the tricky situations. PERSEVERANCE is our key moto to successful learning.



We will be bringing two pieces of homework, plus spellings and daily reading home each week. We must remember to bring our PE kit into school everyweek and our swimming kit every Tuesday.



These are some of the things Indigo class members have said about their learning in year 5.

"It's amazing because we do challenging Maths!"


"I like being in Indigo class because it is fun. Our teacher pushes our learning."


"It's fun. Some of the things we learn about are challenging but I get help when I need it."


"It pushes us to our limits!"


This term in Indigo Class we will be delving into further research about space and finding out lots more about Neil Armstrong. We will be learning about different parts of the world: northern and southern hemispheres, equator and how the climates change and lots more including taking a closer look at Europe. We will look at why and how we have different time zones. In PE we will be learning how to become a SUPER Basketball player and swimmer! In Science we will be looking at properties of materials and investigating how and if materials change state.

Alexander McQueen Designs

Alexander McQueen Designs 1
Alexander McQueen Designs 2
Alexander McQueen Designs 3
Alexander McQueen Designs 4
Alexander McQueen Designs 5
Alexander McQueen Designs 6
Alexander McQueen Designs 7
Alexander McQueen Designs 8
Alexander McQueen Designs 9
Alexander McQueen Designs 10
Alexander McQueen Designs 11
Alexander McQueen Designs 12
Alexander McQueen Designs 13
Alexander McQueen Designs 14
Alexander McQueen Designs 15

During term one we have been looking at the world and where things can grow. We have been looking at the meaning of seasonal and local foods and why they are better to buy than, we also found out that it is not always best to buy local produce if it is not in season because it may have been more costly to produce the products in artificial surroundings rather than in its natural way. With this knowledge we had to design meals which we thought were seasonal and local and which is balanced nutritionally. 

We then cooked a meal using some local produce. We made carrot and leek soup with crusty bread rolls. 

This term we have been looking at the meaning of the Trinity. During our learning we were asked to show our understanding of the Trinity through dance. We were given a criteria to follow: it must represent the Trinity- 3 in 1, have a jump, have a controlled fall and a balance. Here are some pictures of our dances.

Well done to all members of Indigo Class who ran for the position of JPCSO. These are our two fantastic class members who have been voted in as JPCSOs!