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That's right...we are brilliant in every way!


Our teacher is Miss Goodwin and Mrs Simpson, Mrs Wood, Mrs Redford and Mrs Scott help us with our learning too! Mrs Mowbray and Mrs Burbridge visit us once a week to listen to readers too.

Blue Class is a Year 3 and Year 4 mixed class where we try our hardest and have promised to try our best, focus and listen carefully to make ourselves even better than we already are! In Blue Class we are trying to be independent so we must remember to hand our books in when they need changing, complete our homework and remember to hand it in and organise ourselves for P.E and swimming (when it is our turn).


Reading Challenge!

A focus across the school at the moment is reading so in Blue Class we are challenging ourselves to read at home at least 4 times a week but daily reading is preferred as the more we read the better! There will be rewards for those children who read the most at home. Reading is really important for our development so it needs to be recorded in our reading records so Miss Goodwin knows when we have read and can then ask us questions to see if we have understood what we have read.



Homework is given out every Friday to be handed in the following Wednesday. Each week we receive spellings which will be tested the following Friday so that we can keep practising them all week. We will usually receive a piece of Maths and Literacy weekly on a Friday too. If we are stuck with our homework we can ask Miss Goodwin on Monday so that we still have time to complete it for Tuesday. Reading as much as possible in a week is part of our homework too.


P.E and Swimming

We are really lucky at the moment because we have Mrs Potts teaching us P.E on a Wednesday afternoon and Mr Bloodsworth from JB Sports teaching us P.E on Tuesday afternoon so we get to practise lots of skills each week. Miss Goodwin will sometimes teach P.E also which is why we must make sure our P.E kit comes into school on a Monday and stays in school all week. Even though it is getting colder we will still teach some P.E lessons outside so we must have our indoor and outdoor kits with us. Blue Class will not be going swimming until term 3 as each class now swims for 4 terms of the year instead of 6 so we don't need to worry about swimming kits yet.


We have settled into Blue Class well so far and are trying really hard in our learning. More details and pictures of our learning are to follow soon. Miss Goodwin's door is always open should you have any questions or queries. smiley 


Homework 14.09.18

Maths quiz based on place value

Spellings Year 3- long vowel sounds

Year 4- swap the y for an i and add a suffix














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