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Friskney All Saints Church of England Primary School

Enjoyment is the Key to Success



That's right...we are brilliant in every way!


Our teacher is Miss Vines and Miss Torgoose helps us with our learning everyday too!

Year 4 can be pretty hard work but we have promised to try our best, focus and listen carefully to make ourselves even better than we already are! In our class charter we have promised to help each other and be role models to others. We also agreed to remember that we need a great sense of humour…at the right times a joke will always make us smile! 


A few things to remember:

  • Our spellings come out every Wednesday and are tested a week later…Miss Vines will try and catch us out with common exception words.
  • Our homework will be sent home every Wednesday and will need to be handed in the next week.
  • PE this term is on a Wednesday and a Friday and swimming is every Tuesday – make sure kits are at school!







Can you believe it? It's SUMMER TERM!!! 


In RE this term we will look be exploring Hinduism again. We will learn about the concept of karma, reincarnation and how vegetarianism is an important part of life. 


Our history for this half term will continue to be crime and punishment from the Victorian era and we will begin to look at Ancient Greece. We will use our art time to recreate some Ancient Greek architecture and craft work.


In Writer's Workshop we will be reading the book 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret', a beautiful book with stunning illustrations in it. We have retold the start of this book...Sam began with, "Illuminating the pitch black sky, the luminous dazzling and gleaming moon was observing the stars that were lighting up the city of love like a candle." Shanti wrote, "When people opened the doors they sounded rusty and old. The people kept pushing and shoving each other, but for one particular boy all the noise didn't seem to matter." Millie included this in her writing, "The vast misty moon glimmered in the sky like a pearl. The Eiffel Tower reached up into the sky attempting to grab the stars from their beds." Daisy finished her work with this, "Without any hesitation, he sauntered past a station, his shoes echoing eerily along the stone floor. He came to a small tunnel. As he shifted through it, his fingers found themselves on a metal grate." Miss V. is always bowled over by our writing - are you?


Our literacy topic for the next few weeks will be writing Greek myths - this will link in well with our topic work.


In maths we will be working on honing our calculation methods and applying what we know to problems and puzzles. We will be revisiting fractions and decimals too so that we are confident with them on our move to Year 5!



In topic work we have been mini archaeologists, searching for Ancient Greek artefacts, can you spot us searching in our photos? We were only allowed to use brushes to uncover the artefacts...

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