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Friskney All Saints Church of England Primary School

"Learn, enjoy, believe; together we achieve."

After School Clubs


Throughout the year we aim to offer an extensive list of after school activities which normally run 3.05 – 4.00 pm. We try to cover all age groups but take into account the age of the child so that the older children tend to have more activities offered.


Very often these clubs will enable us to go on and participate in both competitions and non-competitive events in Friskney and the surrounding areas. Hopefully, some of the children will want to further their participation by joining a local club and developing their talents further.


We ask that once a child signs up for a club they continue attending until the term is finished, thus giving themselves the best opportunity to see whether they like the activity and to give them time to progress.

During the last 12 months (2013) we have offered:
KS1 Dance
KS1 Music
KS2 Cheerleading
KS2 Glee Club
KS2 Football – Girls & Boys
Year 4,5 & 6 Table Tennis
Year 4,5 & 6 Volleyball
Year 4 Recorders
KS2 Board Games
Year 4 Gardening
Year 4,5 & 6 Rounders
Year 5 & 6 Athletics
Year 4,5 & 6 Cricket
Year 5 & 6 Tag Rugby
Year 3 & 4 Change for Life
Year 2 & 3 Gymnastics

Sports in School time
We offer a number of sporting activities during the school year. KS1 are involved with multi skills, whilst Year 3 have access to Hockey, Dance and OAA.


Year 4, 5 & 6 access Netball, Basketball, Gymnastics, Dance, OAA and Hockey. All KS2 children swim weekly for 30 minutes at The Embassy Pool in Skegness. Children in Year 1 & 2 swim in the summer months at Wrangle Primary School.